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Printing from Windows

  • We only support printing via the LPD protocol.
  • Download the printer driver. They are available from the Model link in the printer table below.
    • Some drivers are executable, and will run install the driver directly, others are archives that can be extracted and used in the following instructions.

Configure Windows XP for LPD protocol

Configure Windows 7 to Print using LPD protocol

  • In the Control Panel > Programs and Features
    • Turn Windows features on or off, expand Print and Document Services and
    • select the LPR Monitor Port check box and then click OK
  • Go to Devices and Printers and click Add a Printer and then (oddly) choose Add a local printer.
    • Select Create a new port and the Type of port is LPR Port
  • Then type in the information about the printer
    • Name of Server:
    • Name of printer or queue: goldman (or whichever printer you are trying to add)
  • Then you get to the printer driver installation. Choose Have Disků, Copy manufacturer's files from, Select the location where you stored the downloaded driver, click OK.
    • The -x32 or -x64 specifies the 32bit or 64bit version of the driver.
  • A couple of Nexts and then Printer Name Goldman. Next.
  • It then says Installing printer. It may show copying files, but I had inconsistent results of what happened next. Once I had to click cancel and the printer worked anyway, but usually after a few minutes you get to the Success page where there is a button to Print Text Page.


Printers in Deschutes Hall

abbey100 Des (West end)$.01HP M601DNApple DriversB/W, laser
milne238 Des (hallway) $.01HP 9050DNApple DriversB/W, laser
lanker238 Des (hallway) $.01: NO ColorHP M553DNApple Drivercolor, laser
 $.07: ANY Color
316 Des$.01Xerox Phaser 5550DNApple DriverB/W, laser
kahlo316 Des$.01: NO ColorXerox ColorQube 8580DNApple Drivercolor, solid ink
 $.03: Some Color
 $.07: Lots of Color
seurat120A Des$.01: NO ColorXerox ColorQube 8870* 8860 Apple Drivercolor, solid ink
 $.03: Some Color* 8870 Apple Driver
 $.07: Lots of Color

*Seurat Notes:

We get better performance if we use the 8860 driver rather than the 8870.
Seurat has two extra trays installed and the MPT tray is loaded with Envelopes.

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Edited: October 15, 2013, at 05:43 PM
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