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ipv6 ready

Our print server supports LPD protocol. Connect to and use the printer name for the queue.

lpd://<device queue>


Adding a printer in Linux will be different depending on the release. These instructions will work for generic CUPS installations.

  1. Locate a PPD file for your printer.
You can generally find an appropriate PPD file either on your system, or on the internet.
* The PPD file might be on our list of printers.
  1. download the PPD file to /tmp/ppd
* To find a PPD file on your computer (you may need to add a printer-driver package to get your printer)
  1. change to the /usr/lib/cups/driver directory
  2. run each of the commands in turn, with the "list" option, checking for your printer model
  3. when one of the drivers has listed your model, re-run that driver with the "cat {model} > /tmp/ppd" parameter
* To find a PPD file on the internet.
  1. Google
  1. Add printer using lpadmin (as root)
    1. for printer abbey, execute the command "lpadmin -p abbey -v lpd:// -E -P /tmp/ppd"

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