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These pages are your source for information concerning your Computer and Information Science Department account. If you have questions about your UOregon Duck ID, you need to contact the Information Technology Help Desk.

Some useful user account web applications:

Getting a new or Extending an existing account

To request an account you need to fill out an online request. You should give the office at least 24 hours to create the account.

To use the web-based account creation system go to newuser page and follow the directions.


Currently, all student accounts have enforced disk quotas which start at 1GB. You can check your current usage and see suggestions of files that normally can be deleted with the quotainfo command at the unix prompt or use the Quotainfo webpage.

Expiration Dates

Undergraduate and graduate student accounts are valid for one year. Accounts are generally set to expire each year in September. So, if you create your account in January 2001 your account will only be valid for 8 months, expiring in September 2001. You can check your expiration date with the userinfo webpage, or the expdate command on ix.

Acceptable Use Policy

You have agreed to our AUP by signing your greensheet. If you are found to have violated the AUP your account will be terminated. You will need to see the Department Head to get your account reinstated.

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