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ipv6 ready


NOTE: We have not provided Email accounts for new accounts since January 2020. New accounts will automatically forward system related email to the mail address listed on the newuser form. For information about UOmail check here.

Your email address is your

Incoming Mail Server:

  • IMAP/SSL using username/password authentication on port 993

Outgoing Mail Server:

  • SMTP on port 587 (Mail Submission Port) STARTTLS and password authentication

Certificate Authority

  • Our certificates are signed by

Email Web Applications

Spam Folders:

  • AutoExpire/CaughtSPAM:
    Last two weeks of caught spam. Check here for false positives.
  • NotSPAM:
    Where you copy SPAM that was in CaughtSPAM and should not have been (ie copy false positives here)
  • FoundSPAM:
    Where you move email not delivered to CaughtSPAM but should have been.

CIS Email Management:

(You'll need to log in to use these links)

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