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We have several printers (both black and white laser, solid ink color, laser color) available for use. If you aren't sure what printer to use ask your officemate or classmate or send email to

The main printers available for your use, abbey, lesley, and milne, are two-sided, monochrome laser printers.


  • Printing any color on Lanker is very expensive; printer lots of color on Seurat and Kahlo is very expensive.
  • Please pay attention to where you send your print jobs and whether printing monochrome is an acceptable criteria.
  • All printers are DUPLEX printers
abbey100 Des (West end)$.01HP M601DNApple Driver PPD fileB/W, laser
milne238 Des (hallway) $.01HP 9050DNApple Driver PPD fileB/W, laser
lanker238 Des (hallway) $.01: NO ColorHP M553DNApple Driver PPD filecolor, laser
 $.07: ANY Color
lesley316 Des$.01Xerox Phaser 5550DNApple Driver PPD fileB/W, laser
kahlo316 Des$.01: NO ColorXerox VersaLink C405Apple Driver PPD filecolor, laser
 $.07: ANY Color
seurat120A Des$.01: NO ColorXerox ColorQube 8870* 8860 Apple Driver PPD filecolor, solid ink
 $.03: Some Color* 8870 Apple Driver
 $.07: Lots of Color

*Seurat Notes:

We get better performance if we use the 8860 driver rather than the 8870.
Seurat has two extra trays installed and the MPT tray is loaded with Envelopes.

Our print server is and supports the LPD protocol, name of queue is the name of the printer.

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