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Each account on our system gets some data storage space on our server; ie., your home directory. This space is backed up regularly with off-site backups and a snapshot that you can access is taken every hour.


You can check your disk usage from the command line with the
df -h ~
command. This will tell you the size of the filesystem allocated to you. How much space you've used. How much space is avail and the percentage used of your total capacity.

jdash@ix: ~ 2$ df -h ~
Filesystem             size   used  avail capacity  Mounted on
                       1.0G   381M   643M    38%    /nfs/home/users/jdash


Your home directory has hourly (and some older) snapshots available in ~/etc/Snapshots.

Network Access

There are several ways to access your disk space over the network.

  • SMB -- Server Message Block (SMB), also known as Common Internet File System (CIFS, is used for providing shared access to files and printers.
    • If you on campus (or using the VPN) you can mount your home directory on your computer using SMB. Our server is named
  • ssh - sftp, scp, rsync
  • sshfs - is a filesystem client to mount remote filesystems over the ssh transport.
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