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Machine Room Use Policy

The Computer and Information Science (CIS) department at the University of Oregon (UO) maintains a computer machine room in their building (Deschutes Hall) that houses all CIS research and educational computing equipment that cannot be placed in individual offices. This document describes the requirements to use this facility.


All equipment kept in the Deschutes machine room will be assessed a fee of $300/year or $75/quarter for AY22-23 per rack unit (1.75 inches of vertical space). This fee is assessed and collected quarterly.

Rules for equipment placement

  • Each piece of equipment is assigned a specific set location by the CIS Systems staff.
  • CIS Systems staff should be notified prior to any modifications of installed equipment.
  • Each piece of equipment should be utilized for activities associated with the CIS faculty and their research projects.
  • Each piece of equipment should have 1 or 2 designated CIS members who are responsible for its management.
  • The name and email of the designated individuals will be kept current with CIS Systems staff.
  • Designated personnel are not allowed to access other equipment.
  • The owner of each piece of equipment is responsible to pay their stated quarterly MRA fees at the end of each quarter.
  • Designated personnel are responsible to remove any unplugged equipment within two weeks after it is unplugged.
  • Designated personnel should be responsive (and act on) any request and notification from the CIS System staff in a timely manner.
  • CIS reserves the right to revoke the access of individual users of the RMR and remove their equipment from the RMR if they violate these rules and regulations.

The full text of the policy can be found here

Edited: February 22, 2022, at 10:47 am
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