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Setting up a personal web page is a simple process. The only things you have to do are:

  • Create the directory /home/users/cisuserid/public_html/ (i.e. create the directory "public_html" directly under your CIS network home directory, where cisuserid is your CIS user id for loging on CIS computing resources). This directory should have been created for you when your account was created. Make sure that this directory is world readable and executable. The HTML files within it should also be world readable.
  • Place a HTML file in this directory that is named "index.html". This will be your home page (the default file that is loaded).
    • Optional - If you wish to have your name and home page added to the list of University of Oregon CIS Students, put a file named "publish" in your "/home/users/cisuserid/public_html/" directory.
  • Any output from your scripts to stderr can be found in your personal error log in ix:/var/log/apache2/userlogs/.

That's it! Your web page is now accessible at [].

CIS Department Website Content Request Procedure and Examples

You can request a change to the Department website by sending email to See here for content request information.

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