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ipv6 ready


Getting Started

  • Double-click on the Mulberry icon to start the program.
  • Configure the basic network information through the “Simple” preference panel when it opens.
    • Enter your real name, Email Address and User ID.
      • Your email address is your
    • Our Email Server and SMTP Server is

Configure IMAP

  • Click the Advanced button.
  • In the Account Preferences pulldown select Account: IMAP.
    • select Secure: STARTTLS-TLSv1 in the pulldown.

Configure SMTP

  • In the Account Preferences pulldown select Account: SMTP.
    • Server: (add the :587).
    • Method: Plain Text
    • User ID: your user id
    • √ Save User ID
    • Secure: STARTTLS - SSL
  • Click OK.
  • In the Mulberry window toolbar click Login.
    • Enter your password.

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