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UO Exchange WebMail URL:

To migrate your UO IMAP email to UO Exchange email:

This will copy your email from the UO IMAP server to the UO Exchange server, leaving the email on IMAP until IS takes the IMAP server offline.

Mail Forwarding (ie Redirect) and Rules:

You can set a rule to forward (redirect) your email from the UO email Exchange server to another email address. Note that while the email is forwarded (redirected), the email also remain on the UO email Exchange server.

How to forward your UO email (creating rules):

Log on to UO Exchange WebMail
Click Gear icon and select "Options" at the bottom of the menu.
Click on "organize email" on the left sidebar.
Click on "inbox rules"
Click the "+" icon and select "create a new rule for arriving messages..."

This opens a dialogue box.
Name: Give the rule a name, such as "Forwarding to CIS"
When the message arrives, and: For forwarding all email, select "[Apply to all messages]"
Do the following: For forwarding, select "Redirect the message to..."
This opens another dialogue box.
To: Put the email address to which you want the email forwarded
Click "OK"
Click "Save"
This opens a warning box:
"warning do you want this rule to apply to all future messages?"
Click yes
Edited: February 26, 2019, at 03:55 pm
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