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User home pages are served from PHP scripts with the .php extension will be executed as CGI scripts automatically. This make makes it appear that they are run with mod_php, but there are some restrictions listed under Pitfalls.

Runtime Configuration

You can change some PHP default values at runtime by putting your settings in a file named .user.ini and placed in the directory with your php files. Here are some setting that you may need to change with the default values in parenthesis.

memory_limit = 32M           ; Maximum amount of memory a script may consume (8MB)
upload_max_filesize = 10M    ; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files. (10MB)

You may want to create an info.php file that will tell you the current settings.

// Display a list of PHP compile-time features


  • You must pay attention to file permissions, see suEXEC pages.
  • Your individual error logs will be in ix:/var/log/apache/userlogs/username.errors
  • By default all php sessions use PHPSESSIONID as their session cookie. Using this means that only one application can setup a session on the server.

See Also


PHP: .user.ini files (PHP Manual)

Edited: November 05, 2014, at 09:48 AM
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