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Content Request Procedure and Examples


The process for requesting additions or modifications to content on the CIS web pages is as follows:

* Send your content to
* The editor will prepare your content in the form required to be added to the web site; this may entail iteration between the editor and you
* The editor will then forward the content to the systems group for addition to the web site

If you send your content to any particular individual, or to

* On the first such occurrence, reply to you that you need to submit such requests to
* Any subsequent occurrences will be ignored

While this latter instruction may seem draconian, it is essential that all members of the department start using this process correctly.


Public Talks

Title: Title of Talk
Author(s)/Affiliation(s): Name of Author1, Name of Author2, ...
Affiliation: Affiliation of Author1, Affiliation of Author2, ...
Type: Colloquium, Career Mentorship Colloquium, Directed Research Project, Oral Comprehensive Exam, Dissertation Defense
Committee/Host: Host, or student's committee; chair first
Location: Where the talk is being held
Time: Example: 15:30
Note: special note
Host: Who is hosting the talk
Caption: The "alt" tag for an image of the same name as the talk
Picture: Optionally, attach a picture, preferably jpg
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