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ipv6 ready

Apple's Xcode 4.6 has a bug that keeps Xcode from being able to start the app you are developing in the iOS simulator. The problem is that it doesn't like that your home directory is on an NFS fileserver. You can work around the problem by making the directory that Xcode and the simulator use to load your program into a symlink that points at local disk space. This directory is ~/Library/Application Support/. Here are the steps to create the symlink:

jdash@beluga: ~ 1$ cd "~Library/Application Support"

If the directory "iPhone Simulator" already exists, move it out of the way.

jdash@beluga: ~/Library/Application Support 2$ mv "iPhone Simulator" "iPhone Simulator.bak"

Create a symlink to a directory in /tmp.

jdash@beluga: ~/Library/Application Support 3$ ln -s "/tmp/jdash/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator" "iPhone Simulator"

Check the symlink.

jdash@beluga: ~/Library/Application Support 4$ ls -l "iPhone Simulator"
lrwxrwxr-x  1 jdash  jdash  10 Feb  8 15:03 iPhone Simulator@ -> /tmp/jdash/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator
Edited: April 08, 2015, at 09:04 AM
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