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ipv6 ready

To prevent the service from starting automatically in OS 10.X.X, open the SMART control panel > About software and product support and click Diagnostics. Click Service across the top and click Uninstall. This uninstalls the service from the main Loginwindow.plist file. If needed, go to Service again and choose to install it.

There are two options to remove the Tools from starting up. Either reinstall the software and choose not to start the tools automatically (this works on any supported version of OS 10.X.X.) or manually edit the Loginwiondow.plist file. The way to do this is different depending on version of OS.

OS.10.4.X: Install Xcode tools from the Mac OS installation disk. This gives you a property list editor. Browse to and open the following file: /Library/Preferences/loginwindow.plist (Note: This is located off the root of the Hard drive ) Open the Root and AutoLaunchedApplicationDirectory and remove the number that lists the SMART Board tools.

Edited: October 30, 2008, at 03:31 PM
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