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ipv6 ready

24 March 2016

We patched and updated our servers today from during the noon hour. Services were back to normal by about 1:15pm.

From: Paul Bloch <>
Subject: Planned CIS Server Outage Noon, 24 March 2016
Date: 17 March 2016 at 3:58:00 PM PDT
Cc:,, CIS Systems <>
Reply-To: CIS Systems <>

We need to install security and bug fix updates on our servers. We plan to do this Thursday noon of Spring Break, 24 March 2016. Hopefully we can finish during the hour, but it could take longer. We'll start with our main fileserver, Cranium. It can take 30 minute to reboot, during which most of our other servers (ix, printing and probably www) will be unusable. Each of our other servers will then be rebooted, but they should only take a few minutes each to reboot. Mail is independent of the other servers, but will also be updated and rebooted during the noon hour.

The basic wired and wireless network should function normally during these updates.

Paul E. Bloch, Systems Admin
Computer & Information Science
University of Oregon

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Edited: March 24, 2016, at 04:13 PM
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