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ipv6 ready

From the unix prompt you can use the following commands for printing:

lpr -Pprinter filesend file to printer
lpr -Pprinter -Zsimplex fileprint file single-sided on default printer
lpr -h fileprint file on default printer omitting banner page
lpq -Pprintersee what print jobs are in the queue
lprm -Pprinter jobnumremove print job jobnum from queue

If the variable PRINTER is defined in your environment then you can leave off the -Pprinter option of all the commands. The printer in room 100 is called lopez and if that is the printer you intend to use you could set the PRINTER variable in your .cshrc file to lopez:

setenv PRINTER lopez

or, for /bin/sh, /bin/ksh, or /bin/bash users (to your .profile file):

PRINTER=lopez; export PRINTER

Troubleshooting Printing Problems

Our printers all support the Postscript™ page description language. Unix commands that include printing often convert their internal format files to Postscript. Sometimes, this conversion fails, leaving output files that the printers cannot print. This is especially true of Acrobat Reader™. If you are having problems printing a PDF file from Acrobat, try saving the file, and print it using the lpr command.

If you notice that a print job is not completing, send email to, and we can remove it.

Main Deschutes Printers

abbey100 Des (West end)$.01HP M601DNApple DriversB/W, laser
milne238 Des (hallway) $.01HP 9050DNApple DriversB/W, laser
lanker238 Des (hallway) $.01: NO ColorHP M553DNApple Drivercolor, laser
 $.07: ANY Color
316 Des$.01Xerox Phaser 5550DNApple DriverB/W, laser
kahlo316 Des$.01: NO ColorXerox ColorQube 8580DNApple Drivercolor, solid ink
 $.03: Some Color
 $.07: Lots of Color
seurat120A Des$.01: NO ColorXerox ColorQube 8870* 8860 Apple Drivercolor, solid ink
 $.03: Some Color* 8870 Apple Driver
 $.07: Lots of Color

*Seurat Notes:

We get better performance if we use the 8860 driver rather than the 8870.
Seurat has two extra trays installed and the MPT tray is loaded with Envelopes.

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