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ipv6 ready

The publisher of Take Control Ebooks with sponsorship from VMware have made the Ebook Take Control of VMware Fusion 3 available as a free PDF download.

From the web site:

"Now that modern Macs use Intel processors, you can run Windows on your Mac without slowdowns or trade-offs, and with the benefit of configuration snapshots, multiple installations, and the capability to mix Windows and Mac applications. In this book by cross-platform expert Joe Kissell, you'll learn how best to install and use Windows in the virtualization environment created by VMware Fusion 3.
The ebook explains new Fusion 3 features, including the redesigned Applications menu, enhanced Virtual Library window, new Preview window (which shows a live thumbnail of your entire Windows Desktop), and improved Unity view. It also discusses Windows 7 and 32-bit vs. 64-bit possibilities."

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Edited: July 09, 2014, at 04:22 PM
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