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ipv6 ready

On 20 June 2009 we will be replacing our old Sun Fire V490 Server with a Sun SPARC Enterprise T5240 Server. The architecture of our new server can support 128 simultaneous threads. This is especially useful for a file server since the NFS daemon is designed to use threads.

The new server will also use different software and disk sub-system. Our old server ran Sun Solaris 9 and used two Apple Xserve Raids with hardware RAID 5. The new server will run Solaris 10 and instead of hardware RAID we are using Sun's ZFS and RAID-Z2 (equivalent to RAID6) and a disk chassis with twenty four 1 Terabyte disk drives. Sun's RAID-Z2 can sustain up to two drive failures without data loss.

# of Processors22
ProcessorUltraSPARC IV+®UltraSPARC T2 Plus™
threads / core18
threads / chip264
cores / system416
threads / system2128
Memory Bandwidth (GB/sec)9.632


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