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ipv6 ready

There are a number of video connectors that computers have used over the years. The main progression has been from VGA to DVI and now there is a transition DisplayPort. Along with these major standards there have been a number of mini or micro versions of these connectors that are used primarily on laptops. The latest connector, DisplayPort, has the advantage of bi-directional auxiliary channel for use by audio for speakers and microphone, a video camera (in the display for video conferencing, USB and and touch screens.

Apple, in particular, has used every one of these various mini or micro connectors on laptops. The extremely short-lived Micro-DVI connector was only used on the original MacBook Air from January to October of 2008. They then switched to the Mini-DisplayPort connector for the MacBook Air as well as the new MacBook Pro and Mac Mini. They donated the Mini-DisplayPort connector specifications to VESA who included it in the DisplayPort Specification 1.2 in January 2009.

(links to Wikipedia)
Diagram (scale approx. 2X)YearProduct examples
Mini DisplayPort2009Apple MacBook Air(2009), MacBook Pro
Mini DVI200? 
Micro DVI2008Apple MacBook Air January-October 2008
Mini VGA2000Apple iBook


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