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ipv6 ready

Virtualization software allows you to run a guest operating system on a virtual machine on a host computer; your laptop computer for instance. Since Macs are now running on Intel processors it is quite useful to be able to run additional OSes on virtual machines under OS X. There are several virtualization packages that we've tried: VirtualBox, VMware, Parallels. Each of these have their strengths and weaknesses, but VirtualBox (which is FOS: free open-source) has proven to be a very good choice for my needs.

VirtualBox runs on Linux, Mac OS X, OS/2 Warp, Windows XP or Vista, and Solaris host computers and supports most Unix and Windows operating systems as guests. The latest release even supports Windows 7 beta.

Update 9 April 2009

Version 2.2.0 was released 9 April 2009.


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Edited: April 09, 2009, at 12:56 PM
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